Microfiber cloth, 6" x 8" sewn edges, in a clear case

Painted by Aaron Kilpatrick (1872 - 1953)
Educated in public schools of Canada and moved to the U.S. in 1892.  A businessman until middle age, by 1915 he had moved to Southern California.  In that year he was awarded a bronze and silver medals for Paintings at the California - Panama Exposition in San Diego.  He studied locally with William Wendt and held his first solo show at Leonard's in Los Angeles in 1923. He lived in Morro Bay much of his life.   In 1922 he built a home and studio in which he resided at least part of every year till he passed away.  He also was a co founder of the Morro Bay Art Association still in operation for over 53 years.  
During his career as an artist he achieved national acclaim and was elected an Associate of the National Academy.  A resident of Eagle Rock and Los Angeles.


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