Lee Chapman

High on a jungle hillside, overlooking the bay and the town of Puerto Vallarta, Mexico is the home and studio of Lee Chapman that he shares with his wife Nancy and their 2 dogs, Albert and Frida. The house is filled with paintings, antiques, and colorful Mexican folk-art from their gallery, “Puerco Azul” (the Blue Pig). 
Lee is originally from Los Angeles where he directed TV commercials for many years. He moved to Mexico 10 years ago to fulfill his dream of being an artist. His work has been strongly influenced by the color and folklore of Mexico (and also many dogs, cats, pigs, cows, and burrors in his neighborhood). His images have been reproduced as prints, calendars, greeting cards, and decorative items sold in the USA. He has illustrated 6 children's books, 2 that he co-wrote with his wife. His whimsical paintings are shown in galleries in Puerto Vallarta and ities in Mexico.