Aryana Londir


Growing up in a rural area of Connecticut, Aryana B. Londir felt solace in the natural environs of wooded areas, observing how things grew, changed and evolved; how brilliantly the sun shone, how lucid the colors of nature are, and how rapidly a day was able to evolve from dry to wet, grey to bright sky.  Her childhood travels to New York City with family exposed her to a different world of geometric shapes in the massive buildings of the city skyline; it is in this space of her imagination that she combined the two contrasting ideologies. She expresses the distinction between organic and industrial by the vivid use of color and texture.  Line and color are the main design elements utilized to construct her imagery.  Although still intrigued by the workings of urban life and its implications on humanity, she now resides in rural Arizona, preferring the solitude and serenity of the desert to stimulate the unexplored regions of her imagination.


Having studied textile design, fashion styling, color, and sewing construction techniques with many acclaimed teachers, she developed her personal style after many years of studio practice in other artistic disciplines, always returning to her first love of textiles. 


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