Anne Gibbons

According to Anne Gibbons, the truth is funnier than fiction. Her sense of humor is firmly rooted in reality, where she digs down deep to get to the heart of the matter. Whether enraged about a tanking economy or engaged in the lives of women, Anne knows how to make a topic “true to life” funny.

Industry leader Recycled Paper Greetings (now Papyrus/Recycled) has sold hundreds of thousands of her cards, and she recently signed on with Sellers Publishing to create for their card line, RSVP. The National Cartoonists Society honored Anne with the prestigious Reuben Award for Greeting Cards in 2000.

Anne is one of six women cartoonists who create Six Chix, a daily comic strip published and distributed worldwide by King Features, Inc. Her cartoons and illustrations have appeared in popular media including Good Housekeeping, Glamour, Lifetime Television, Reader’s Digest, Redbook and Ladies Home Journal.

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